Wednesday, August 5, 2009

No Sew Clutch

I've been thinking about how much crafting stuff I've accumulated just in the past year alone, and I thought...
Maybe I should use the stuff I already have to make some stuff.
I know I'm crazy.
I DO love to shop for new crafting stuff, though.
I've been working on Christmas projects for the past month, and I thought... If I make some Christmas presents out of stuff I already have, then it would be like spending $0 for Christmas!
I just knew my husband would love this idea.
Of course, I would still be out shopping for some of our gifts.
But here is what I came up with.
A "no-sew clutch."
I like to sew, but I wondered if this clutch could be made without it.
And it was.
I took this fabric that I had left over from another project. (See my bandana dresses.)
I cut a piece out by about 20 inches X 14 inches and folded over all sides, so the fabric won't fray. I used hot glue for this, by the way. I love my glue gun!

I put a piece of felt on it for some weight and stability.

I glued the felt on too.

I glued .5" of the long sides together.

I did this twice for the pinching effect and then folded over the bottom half and glued it to the top half. This gave the clutch some room for stuff at the bottom.

I put a rectangular piece of the blue fabric over the flap to give it more weight and make it more finished.

I cut a rectangular piece and glued its edges together, so it wouldn't fray. I just guessed the size on this one. You can use a credit card for measurement before cutting it.

I glued the rectangular piece to make a little pocket for the inside.
I also glued some Velcro to the inside, so the stuff won't fall out.
I'm sorry the picture didn't get posted on that. I bet you could figure that part out yourself, though.

I made a yo-yo using the blue fabric and glued on some brown ribbon. Oops... I guess there was sewing involved after all. The yo-yo is optional. You could also tie some ribbon into a bow and glue that on instead. I wanted to experiment with making yo-yos that day.

Here it is! The "no-sew" clutch. This is is gonna make a nice gift for my ******. Shhhh.... it's a secret. I hope you enjoy making one or a few for yourself and/or somebody who loves clutches!


NessaB said...

Ok, seriously, I want to make a thousand of these! Can we do a girl's night or something and show me? Please?????

Jake and Cassondra said...

Grace, You are SO talented! This is brilliant and REALLY beautiful! I'm sure *** will love it ;) Thanks for posting a link on facebook, I didn't even know you had this blog! You're amazing!

Amy said...

So cool! I'm adding this blog also to my blog roll. I'm in to upcycling, redesigning/repurposing,sewing, crafting, too. I'm in the process of making a new blog. So, keep checking in the next couple of months.

Nikki and Brian said...

I love it! This is so creative! WAY TO GO! I want to make one.

smiley-sylvie said...

EEE!! So cute! I think I shall make several hundered and, like you said, have them on hand for birthdays and Christmas. I don't have a hot glue gun so may have to sew :S. Thanks for sharing though :)

Anonymous said...

I serious dont understd how u guys got so crafty. In Malaysia, we normally BUY things. Hehe... ;-p

Neuffj said...

This seriously is fabulous! I love the colors, and how easy!!!!!
The Neuff

Ness said...

You've been featured on:

Have a great day!