Friday, July 24, 2009

Brag Book Project

Tip Junkie inspired me to start my Christmas projects in July, so I thought... why not?
There are some people in your life that are so hard to shop for because they have everything and if they wanted or needed something, they go out and get it themselves. Know anyone like that?
I do.
I won't say who (there are a few).
So here is ONE of their presents for Christmas.
It's not EXACTLY done yet because I still have to put pics of my twins Isaac and Sophie in it to complete the "Brag" part of "Brag Book."
Wanna make one?
Here it is!
First, decide how many pages you want your book to have. I thought about 20 pages would be good. That way, there will be about 18-20 pages on both sides of the book.
Second, cut 10 8.5" x 11" cardstock paper in half horizontally. I used a paper cutter because I have a hard time cutting straight! You can use whatever solid color cardstock you want. I used white because I had a ton of it. I used the 8.5" x 11" cardstock size because the 12" x12" would be too big to put in an average purse. Who wants to carry so many pics in your purse?
Next, fold and score each cut cardstock hamburger style. That means to fold it at its longest length- the length of 11."
Next, glue or tape each of the scored cardstock piece to each other by fanfolding technique. Check out the third pic.
Then cut cute scrapbooking paper of your choice to each side of the cardstock pages. Choose two identical cute papers to cover the front and back and attach a ribbon to the back.
Tie the book closed to the front using the ribbon and make a bow.
Finish this project by glueing or taping fun pictures of your kids to be given out to a special someone. I'm leaving one side of the brag book blank, so the special person can glue her own pictures of the twins and continue the book going!
I hope you try this project. It was fun and not so expensive.
I had all the materials, so I saved money for Christmas!

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