Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Bandana Dresses

Well, I finally got the "sewing bug!"
I'm not great at sewing, but I can sew straight lines.

That's why I decided to try Tanya's "15 Minute Dress" featured on treyandlucy.blogspot.com.
I think they turned out pretty great!

My daughter is just ten months old, so she won't be wearing the pink bandana dress this summer. She can wear it next spring as a dress and maybe as a shirt in the summer!

I have a couple of friends who are having baby girls, and I plan on giving them the other two pink dresses as "baby shower gifts." They weren't made from bandanas. I actually used a bandana as a template to cut the fabric, sewed the sides (so they wouldn't fray), and then sewed the two pieces of fabric like they were bandanas! It took a little more work than "15 minutes," but it was worth it! Gosh, I can't believe how brave I was! What really helped me was ironing the folds of the fabric first and then stitching it! I also made my daughter a blue-green dress using the same method. Maybe you'll get the sewing bug too!
Thanks, Tanya! What a great idea! No one will ever know these dresses were so economical!