Friday, April 17, 2009

Hello Out There!

Hello out there, Crafting World!

I'm very excited to blog about some of my favorite things!

You'll find that I enjoy almost every kind of crafting. Here are some of my creations, upcycles, and redesigns. I hope you visit often because I'll be showing some of my latest projects here often.

Have fun and Happy Crafting!

fun baby clips for my daughter

our bedroom

candles for our bedroom

These were crystal garlands found at the wedding aisle at a craft store.

easy curtains for the bedroom

pretty little corner for our "cottage" guest room

stenciled cherries

more cherries for a "pink on pink" room

cherry curtains


I loved our towels so much, but I couldn't find a picture or painting that I liked for the bathroom. I photocopied one of the towels and framed it!

I saw some framed leaves and flowers, and I thought they were beautiful. I didn't want to pay the $10 for each one, so I made my own using the cards they sold at the same store.

I hate doing laundry, so I thought I'd give the laundry room some pizzaz to make it more fun. I love the drying rack, but I still don't enjoy doing the laundry.

My husband thought this was silly; I thought it was whimsical.

some magnolias next to President Hinckley's pic

I gave this lamp a "suede" look using brown paint, yellow paint, and SARAN wrap!

I also did the SARAN wrap thing on two other tables like these. They were a yucky yellow "marble" color before.

I made this at an Enrichment Night a couple of years ago. It was my first try at "destressing."

I sewed the paisley pillows and covered up old ones.

sliding glass door curtain

I upcycled a flannel baby receiving blanket my son loves into a ribbon or "taggie" blanket.

Here was my son's blanket before.

This is the one I made for my daugher- also using a blanket she loved.

Here are the materials I used for the blanket.

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One Craft Girl's Corner said...

Wow, Gretchie! Beautiful! Creative! Amazing! You still got time for these with the twins? Just can't believe it! But really, I've seen these things with my own 2 eyes . . . no, with my 4 eyes! I love the 2 likas you made! Hmmmmmm !!!