Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A Pirate's Life for Me!

A Pirate's Life for Me!!!
We celebrated my twins Isaac and Sophie's first birthday
last Saturday, and it was lots of fun!
I researched a LOT of pirate cakes on the Internet, and
I combined some ideas and my own to create their pirate birthday cake.
It was fun and a little stressful to make, but everyone thought it came out great! It beats paying $30+ for a store-bought cake!
First, I baked a 9 X 13 sheet cake (french vanilla).
Next, I baked the ship in a football mold I had laying around.
Hint: DO NOT use all of the cake batter for the football mold, or it won't bake well. I let the cakes cool off entirely and frosted them.
I used vanilla frosting and a few random drops of blue food coloring to make the ocean foundation for the cake. I used chocolate frosting for the ship and used a knife to make the wooden texture on the ship's deck.
I used mini pretzels for the ship's railing and printed out the sails on my computer. To put the sails up, I used bbq skewers. I found plastic pirate characters at Joann's Fabric Store to put on the ship.

As party favors, I gave away Goldfish crackers in small self-sealing bags wrapped with red ribbon and a card thanking our guests for coming. I hope you have fun at your next pirate themed party!

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Pauline said...

That cake is GREAT! I am still hoping one of my kids is going to want to do a pirate birthday one of these days.